2016, A Year Without Winter and Other Fun Stats

I like numbers and statistics. They provide an interesting view into events, habits, and situations.

As 2016 was coming to an end, I started to wonder how many days we’d been abroad during our first year as digital nomads. Once I’d figured out the answer, I began to crunch even more numbers. Here are the results!

Winter vs. Summer

One of our main reasons for restructuring our lives to become location independent was to avoid the Swedish winter. Well, winter in general. I think we did pretty well!

pie chart
We spent 22 days in wintry weather. That left us enjoying summer for 344 days in 2016!

I went a step further and calculated that for only 37 days did we experience daytime temperatures below 16°C (60°F). Winning!

Home vs. Abroad

In 2016, we were away from Sweden for a whopping 214 days.

That’s right, we spent more time abroad than at home in 2016.

That means we spent 152 days on home turf last year. Here’s the breakdown of when:


We set foot in nine countries.

pie chart
Not shown are Belgium, Canada, Germany, and Denmark where we were only passing through.

Here’s the breakdown of days:

  • Sweden: 152
  • Spain: 136
  • Netherlands: 51
  • U.S: 22
  • England: 5
  • (Belgium)
  • (Canada)
  • (Germany)
  • (Denmark)


I managed to sit on 19 airplanes and visit 14 different airports. That’s one flight every 20 days.

Shown are the top three destinations we either flew in or out of.

Here they are in order of travel (how well do you know your airport codes?):

  1. GOT–FUE
  2. FUE–MAD
  3. MAD–LON
  4. LON–FUE
  5. FUE–LON
  6. LON–GOT
  7. GOT–BRU
  8. BRU–YYZ
  9. YYZ–MSP
  10. MSP–BOS
  11. BOS–FRA
  12. FRA–GOT
  13. GOT–CPH
  14. CPH–AMS
  15. AMS–FUE
  16. FUE–LPA
  17. LPA–FUE
  18. FUE–BHX
  19. LHR–GOT

New Friendships

The number of ridiculously cool and talented people we met and made friends with are MANY. They are what made our nomading experience truly memorable and meaningful.

Here are a few of them (and the countries from which they originally hail). Check them out! You just might find the help you need, a future collaborator, or a like-minded individual in what they do.

Top Three Blog Posts

  1. My Journey From Desk Job to Remote Freelancer
  2. Relationships: Pros and Cons of Nomadism
  3. Packing for Four Months

Still Wondering?

Are there any numbers that you’re curious about? Leave a comment and I’ll see if I can answer them!

4 thoughts on “2016, A Year Without Winter and Other Fun Stats

  1. You’re pingbacks are fast, Paul! Hope you’re well, too, and that we can meet up again in Fuerte, or elsewhere!

  2. The winter is the best season in Sweden with all skiing and skating. The summer is rainy if you not get burned by the sun.

  3. I’m glad that not everyone has the urge to escape the winter, Lasse! Hope you’ve been able to strap on the skis and skates!

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