This trip of mine is coming to a halt pretty soon.  Probably less ceremoniously than the Tower of London guards when they were commanded to halt tonight.  Our last hurrah […]

Photos: A Sampling

Rather than a photo here and there, I’ve finally uploaded a select few (of the hundreds) for your viewing.  I didn’t want to take the time to label all of […]


I haven’t mentioned how very fashion forward Parisians are. Almost all women wear knee-high (this does not imply high-heel) boots, which made me feel very trendy with mine. In addition, […]

Three Incidents

 Yesterday, while having a lunch snack in St. Paul’s Cathedral crypt (yup), I looked over at a lady and had a moment of familiarity.  But of course I dismissed this, […]


Allow me to comment on the differences between France and England on these two subjects as how I have experienced them. French breakfast: Usually experienced at a cafe/restaurant that serves […]