Jesus on a Rocket

If you were in Sweden, you would be getting ready to sleep in tomorrow, because tomorrow is another glorious Red Day. You are probably not aware, but tomorrow on the […]

A Red Day of Feathers

Påsk or Easter is just one week away, and there are a few signs to clue you in. Sweden isn’t so big on the Easter Bunny, colored jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps. […]


Halloween is approaching! But you really wouldn’t know it if you were in Sweden. Thankfully, my eyes have not been ambushed by orange and black for the past month. No […]

Midsommar Part 1: Food

A week late: Glad Midsommar allihop! I hope everyone Swedenside had a fantastic Midsommar; my first one was quite memorable. I should clarify for those Stateside that although the summer […]