Work with Me

When not blogging, I’m a communications freelancer. I collaborate with organizations and people to help get their messages across to the right audiences.

What I Offer

Communications is a broad and somewhat vague term, so let me break it down into what I do:

  • content writing
  • copywriting
  • SEO
  • UX content structure & information architecture
  • editing & proofreading
  • establishing strategies for social media platforms
  • graphic design & layout
  • web design & management
  • photography & editing
  • translating from Swedish to English.

What I enjoy most is the analytical process of content creation. It’s not just about writing text. What’s key is knowing your target audience and letting that inform decisions like word choice and the order in which information is presented.

A job well done results in both communicating the message of the business and providing information that is relevant and understandable to the reader.

Current & Previous Projects

I just launched a new website for the Schooner Ladona in Maine. For this project, I rewrote all content, gave the site a new design, and made photo choices, all based on the intended audience and the business’s aesthetic.

I also manage the Instagram accounts for the Ladona (@schoonerladona) and her sister ship the schooner Stephen Taber (@theschoonerstephentaber). Thought and strategy go into choice of imagery, captions and hashtags, and the timing of posts.

I’m also consulting a small IT startup on a variety of communication needs, including writing and editing its online content, from blog posts to tweets.

Last fall, I completed a website redesign for Grötviks golden, a small family breeder of golden retrievers. Another recent project involved provided editing services for a doctoral thesis.

Previously, I’ve designed websites for a mix of clients, from small organizations to a business-to-business company in the automobile and aerospace industries. Prior to starting out on my own, I worked 10+ years in communications, managing to perform every imaginable task in the field.

Want to Collaborate?

Have a project you’re interested in discussing? Drop me a link at